Arjuntala International Film Festival: Celebrating Excellence in Film

Best awards for all genres including 

Best Drama

Best Action

Best Horror film

Best Documentary

Best Feature

Best Western

Best Romance

Best Science fiction

Best Thriller

Best Adventure

Best Comedy

Best Fantasy

Best Animation

Best Film noir

Best Romantic comedy

Best Experimental

Best War

Best Crime

Best Mystery

Best Action/Adventure

Best Musical

Best Fiction

Best Dark comedy

Best Biopic





Recognition for All: All the Official Selections, Finalists, Nominees, Honorable Mentions and Winners will receive an official Arjuntala International Film Festival laurel. Winners will also receive an Official Certificate featuring their name and film title.
Announcement on Social Media: The highly anticipated winners will be announced on our social media platforms.
Film of the Year Award: Introducing the Film of the Year category in both Short Film and Feature Film sections. At the end of the year, one outstanding film from each category will be selected as the Best Short Film of the Year and Best Feature Film of the Year. To be eligible, filmmakers must submit their projects through the Short/Feature Film of the Year category.
The Grand Prize: The winners of the “Film of the Year” category will receive a prestigious physical award, personally customized. In addition to this honor, they will be awarded a grand prize of €240 for each category.
Join us at Arjuntala International Film Festival as we celebrate the art of filmmaking and recognize the best talents in the industry. Submit your masterpiece and be a part of this cinematic journey!