You are welcome in Arjuntala International Film Festival. It serves as a reminder that stories have the power to unite, inspire and transform. As the audience immerses themselves in a tapestry of emotions, they become part of a global community bonded by their shared love for cinema. In the heart of Arjuntala, the world comes together to celebrate the magic of storytelling. Through the lens of a camera, we glimpse into lives and cultures that enrich our understanding of the human experience. In the Arjuntala International Film Festival, filmmakers gather every month providing a unique platform for real-time recognition, expert evaluation and growth opportunities. Join us in this vibrant celebration of the art of cinema where your talent can shine and evolve.


 About AIFF

The Arjuntala International Film Festival (AIFF) is a monthly film competition that leads to an annual event in South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal. The best film from each monthly contest gets to be shown at our live event and our respected jury selects an overall winner. We’ve designed monthly editions to maintain a consistent selection process and provide filmmakers with regular feedback. When a film is chosen, we contact the filmmakers right away. Their work is screened privately each month and assessed by a team of industry experts. The projects that are officially selected each month receive the Arjuntala International Film Festival laurel and certificate in recognition of their achievement.


Your presence in this global cinema and storytelling celebration is a joy. Below, discover key guidelines for filmmakers, film submissions and the festival experience. Kindly review the following points attentively:
Submission Guidelines:
1. Submissions must be original with necessary screening rights. Films of any genre accepted, including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental. Multiple submissions allowed each requiring separate entry fee.
2. Entry fees are non-refundable regardless of selection outcome. Submitting grants use of film parts for promotional purposes. Multiple entries welcome throughout the festival. Selected films won't be available online for festival exclusivity. Showcased films promoted with trailers, posters and stills.
3. Explicit sexual content or pornography strictly prohibited. Films must avoid excessive depictions of torture, snuff or mutilation content.
4. The maintenance of high standards of film production is essential. A nominal fee is applicable for each submission during the process. Ensure provided submission link remains accessible.
5. Selection committee reviews and chooses aligned films. Filmmakers informed via email before festival begins. Chosen films will feature at the Arjuntala International Film Festival's screening venues.
6. Jury selects films for various categories, recognizing excellence. The festival may attract media attention and press coverage. All attendees expected to maintain a respectful atmosphere.